Intelligent software for smart compressed air systems

With LOOXR you are always up to date on the condition of your entire compressed air system.

Our LOOXR portal combines compressed air and Industry 4.0.


Our digital technologies for the entire compressed air process make it easier for you to work and ensure production safety. Sensors and measurement technology provide you with detailed insights from your compressor station, treatment, pipelines and pneumatic components.


Save up to 50% energy costs - up to 30% less time spent - 100% control over your compressed air system.

Optimize costs for compressed air

Optimize costs

  • 100% variable costs and worry-free compressed air supply through Pay per Use.
  • Reduce 50% of the compressed air costs.
  • Reduce life cycle costs.
  • Measuring the efficiency of compressed air systems with benchmarks.


Predictive Maintenance an condition monitoring

Increase process reliability

  • Condition monitoring and analysis of the state of the stations.
  • Predictive maintenance and less maintenance efforts.
  • Identify and avoid downtimes or production stops at an early stage.
  • 100% supply guarantee.
Improve energy efficiency

Save energy

  • Save up to 50% energy.
  • Transparency about energy efficiency throughout the compressed air system.
  • Reduce peak loads.
  • Raliable data for your energy management system.



Products & Solutions

Compressed Air 4.0

Use digital technologies to optimize your compressed air value chain.

By digitizing your compressed air system and a dashboard tailored to your wishes and needs, the current state of your compressed air supply and future events becomes transparent.


LOOXR can easily be integrated into your existing or new compressed air systems.

Monitor your system via condition monitoring.

Learn more about your compressed air requirements with compressed air Analytics.

Avoid downtimes in production through predictive maintenance.

Avoid investment via Pay per Use systems.

Compressed air 4.0 with LOOXR

Smartes Leakage management with LOOXR

Smartes leakage management

Put an end to the energy guzzlers.

Using modern ultrasonic detectors, leaks in the compressed air system can be located quickly and easily. An automated analysis, prioritization and complete documentation of leaks and their elimination happens paperless via app and portal.

Über uns



We are your partner for digital compressed air. With our unique software we manage to digitize the analog compressed air process. Using sensitive sensors and measurement technology, previously unknown data on the condition of your system can be determined and visualized. Our LOOXR tools ensure transparency in the compressed air process, high supply reliability with optimum use of the compressed air station, predictive maintenance and reduce energy and operating costs.


In cooperation with our partners in compressed air technology and pneumatics, we have developed a software that makes your life easier. This gives you exactly what you need to optimize and monitor your compressed air process.

Vision and aspiration


LOOXR Smart. Transparent. Efficient. Our goal is to revolutionize and optimize the world of compressed air through digital technologies and software - from the compressor room to the production site. We give your entire compressed air system a voice and promote communication between man and machine. Relevant measurement data from the inside of a compressor, the compressed air lines and / or the pneumatic components can be recorded and visualized using the LOOXR solution.


In order to guarantee a perfect implementation of your projects, we work closely with reliable service providers from the compressed air technology, which u. a. are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 11011.

Independent technologies

We adapt the hardware flexibly for every need.


Easy integration of software and hardware via common interfaces.

Privacy and security

Data collection & storage according to the EU-DSGVO, with servers in Europe.

Measurable success

Track improvements via an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Actual measured values

We only record real measured values and do not work with theoretical numbers.

Echtzeit Überwachung

Data is collected directly from systems and can be accessed immediately everywhere.


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